Bob Sneed

Church Treasurer

What does a young high school graduate do to pursue his interests that will occupy his life for as long as it may last?  After co-oping in college and discovering a desire to study engineering, I graduated from Ohio State with a degree in ceramic engineering and spent my working career in the glass industry.  

My first 10 years after graduations were in the San Francisco Bay Area where Jennifer and I first lived after we were married and both boys were born.  We were members of Methodist, Presbyterian, and Baptist churches and it was a time of growth in my spiritual life.  I taught Sunday school with junior age boys in Walnut Creek, and led an adult Bible study group in Modesto.  When we moved to Indianapolis, both Jennifer and I were teachers in the Bethel Bible study, a series that was also taught at the time in Circleville.

Circleville Presbyterian Church                                                                  

134 E. Mound St.

Circleville, OH  43113                                                              

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