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Breakfast Club

“The Bible is a peculiar book.  Words crafted in another language.  Deeds done in a distant era.  Events recorded in a far-off land.  It is a peculiar book.


It's surprising that anyone reads it.  It's too old.  Some of its writing date back 5000 years.  It's too bizarre.  The book speaks of incredible floods, firs earthquakes, and people with supernatural abilities.  It's too radical.  The Bible calls for undying devotion to a carpenter who called himself God's Son.


Logic says this book shouldn't survive.  Too old, too bizarre, too radical.


There is no way on earth to explain it.  Which perhaps is the only explanation...The millions who have tested its claims and claimed its promises know there is but one answer:  the Bible is God's book and God's voice.”  (Max Lucado, Life Lesson's from Matthew)


The start of a new year is a good time to make new resolutions—it's the tradition. 


In January we are beginning a new study on the Gospel of Matthew.  Resolve to start something new, something you have thought about, but need a gentle invitation to begin.  Consider this the invitation you have been waiting for and join us in room 209 at the rear of the sanctuary at 10:00 between services.

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