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Elder Betsy Weller

-review and implement mission goals, include in these goals hands-on mission projects and mission trip opportunities, recruit, train and maintain volunteers to serve in mission distribution (community assistance) each week, communicate mission opportunities and celebrations to the congregation

Stewardship and Finance

Elder Debby Cox

-stewardship education, oversee online giving program and education, monthly financial report to session, yearly budget preparation and report 

to congregation at Annual Congregational Meeting, overseeing yearly audit, reviewing team budget and expenses on a regular basis, maintain a procedure for counting contributions, recording of weekly contributions for the congregation, management of special accounts and funds, design a memorial policy and procedures


Elders Roxanne Davis and Steve Spicer

MEETS after church on the second Sunday of the month

-arrangement of liturgical furnishings in the sanctuary (communion table, baptismal font, pulpit/lectern, décor, candles, liturgical banners and paraments, communion ware, arts, etc.), preparing a communion schedule each year, meeting with representatives of music ministry and technology ministry as needed, work with pastor in planning worship, present to session for approval any special offerings and worship services, ordering of some worship supplies, scheduling worship assistants (greeters, ushers, acolytes), schedule pulpit supply when the pastor is away, develop and oversee those engaged in arts ministry outside of worship.


Elders Will Fountain, Carla Mavis, Ron Studebaker, and

Paula Thomerson

-job descriptions and reviews for volunteer and paid staff annually (preferably early November), negotiation of terms of call for pastor




Christian Education

Elders Carla Mavis and Alison Davis

-intergenerational seasonal programs, evangelism education, small group development, oversee and plan the C.E. ministry for all ages, screen the use and purchase of curriculum for all areas of education and obtain session approval, solicit volunteers for C.E. ministry each year and present their names to session for approval, oversee the purchase of necessary materials to conduct the C.E. ministry, produce an application and background screening process for all C.E. volunteers, oversee the nursery facility of church including the scheduling of volunteers, schedule with pastor confirmation class, oversee a child protection policy

Communication and Technology

Elder Will Fountain

-oversee the maintenance of the church website and Facebook page, oversee the purchase, renewal, discontinuation and maintenance of church computer hardware, software and office equipment, form, train and maintain a crew of worship technicians that support the worship service through use of multi-media

Congregational Care and Nurture

Elders Alison Davis and Paula Thomerson

MEETS-4TH Wednesday of each month at 6:30 in Campbell Hall

-coffee hour, church picnic, adult fireside chat, advent brunch, caroling event, member spotlight, cards and notes, meals, Shepherds, and bread, health ministry-articles and programs, care notes, display rack, prayer chain, Bar Association luncheon, Rotary Law Day, nametags for new members

Facility Care

Trustees - Darrell Smith, President

-meet and work with the trustees to; schedule a long range and short range plan for the maintenance of building and grounds, conduct a cost assessment each year for those who lease our facility, maintain a building use plan for outside groups with an application process, conduct a building use analysis of current ministry (are the spaces we utilize for ministry appropriate), produce guidelines for contracting outside businesses to complete work at the church

Standing Teams


Elders Steve Spicer and Debby Cox

-schedule meetings to discern candidates who are called and qualified to serve the church as our spiritual leaders, present the nominees to session for election at the congregational meeting each year

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