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The Shepherding Program of The Presbyterian Church of Circleville has been in existence since 1995. The program was originally modeled after the Stephen Ministry, an outreach program that is present in many churches. The main reason for the shepherding program is to provide a way for everyone in our congregation to keep in touch with one another. We currently have 15 shepherds or shepherd couples who are responsible for a flock, a group of members in our church. Every member has been assigned a shepherd, a dedicated member or couple of our church, and every shepherd is supported by the minister. It is the shepherds’ commitment to their flocks that makes this program successful. Notes, cards, calls, emails or texts may be exchanged with members on special occasions and when they have unexpected or prolonged absence from church; support is offered during a member’s illness or time of grief; a shepherd’s welcome smile may greet a flock member on Sunday morning; or your shepherd may just be someone to talk to when times are tough. The shepherds gather in homes for dinner meetings quarterly. During their meetings they receive inspiration from the pastor, review the upcoming calendar of events, assign new members to their shepherds (who prepare a short bio for the next Presline) and discuss current opportunities in the church. We are fortunate to have as shepherds a vibrant and caring group of men and women who are dedicated to nurturing and supporting their fellow Presbyterians.



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